About My Rera

MyRera is a one-stop information repository for real estate industry in Maharashtra, India.

MyRERA offers you seamless information, reviews and ratings on properties, real estate brokers / agents and builders registered and listed on our portal. We aim to bring the customers, agents and builders on our unified platform and enable them to boost their visibility and worth.

MyRERA intends to leverage the review economy and help societies, real estate agents and builders transform the real estate sector more transparent and digitized.


Is your society getting enough visibility and worth in the market? 

Gone are the days when home buyers use to make a run around in search of perfect homes. Digitization has transformed the way buyers take their decisions. Reviews and ratings have come to the fore and help buyer make informed decisions. A research says, more than 90 % of the buyers read online reviews and rating and 88% consumers trust these reviews to make their buying decisions.  Every society must capitalize on this opportunity and take their presence online. An online presence opens the doors to increasing the visibility and value of the society through user ratings and reviews.

MyRERA provides a unified platform to the societies to register and upload their details and create an online presence for themselves.

How do MyRERA help your society?

       1. Increase Your Visibility & Value

      2. Get Information & Updates on RERA Compliance

      3. Get Tips on Society Upkeep & Raising Standards

     4. Connect with Registered Agents & Builders in the Industry

     5. User Ratings & Reviews help you identify best societies, agents and builders in the industry



Is your online listing enhancing your trust quotient in the industry?

MyRERA is a cohesive avenue for real estate agents and brokers that will help them gain a competitive edge in the industry. By registering and uploading your details as a real estate agent, you relish the benefits of higher visibility. Your customer interactions can fetch you positive ratings and reviews on our portal which will help you enhance your service value in the market.

Why You should register and upload your details on MyRERA?

1. Offers You a Competitive Edge

2. Engages Your Consumers through Reviews & Ratings

3. Enhances Your Market Visibility & Trust Quotient

4. Connects You with Industry Builders / Property Developers

5. Receive Updates on New / Upcoming Properties by the Registered Builders



Are you capitalizing on the review economy to build your brand?

For real estate developers, inspiring trust in their brand takes the centerstage. RERA compliance has helped both, builders and consumers smoothen their ride. However, builders are yet to leverage the digital avenues to interact and engage with their consumers.

MyRERA pioneers the digital avenue for builders that help them connect with the widest network of consumers, real estate brokers and societies across the state, thereby increasing their reach and visibility.

Why You should register and upload your details on MyRERA?

1. Increase Your Network & Rach

2. Get Reviews & Ratings from Consumers & Agents on Your Properties

3. Connect with real estate agents across India

4. Enhance your Market Visibility & Brand Value

5. Inspire Trust in Your Brand with Positive Reviews & Ratings